More close with The all new honda CBR 250 RR

All new honda CBR 250 RR

Biker mendowan, hellow sobat mendowan greeting for blarr blarr, oke now biker mendowan wanna show you about the all new honda CBR 250 RR with all the filosofi..

​Completing the concept of Total Control in maximizing performance and enjoyment, Honda took design very seriously, not just from the functional aspect.

The design of this bike evokes the sensation of exhilarating acceleration through every angle. See and feel the sense of speed and be seized on impulse to take it to the road.

This is Speed Shape, the ultimate design concept for the All New CBR250RR.

When was the last time you really felt alive?

Felt the perfect flow from your heart to the engine? The wheels smoothly blazing through the asphalt? And the speed perfectly cutting through the winds?

The newly designed main frame is perfectly assembled with Inverted Front Suspension, Gravity Dies Casting Aluminum Swing Arm, and Pro-Link Suspension with 5-Step Adjuster System to reduce the un-sprung weight.

The result is not only superiority but also a breakthrough, with high level of rigidity, superb stability, and maximum controllability that makes it possible for you to enjoy the best riding sensation that will always remind you what it meant to be alive!


Embrace the breathtaking moment as your sense take total control of the machine and you take down every road. Breakthrough innovations have been applied to create new generation of DOHC 6-Speed Engine with 4-Valve and Twin Cylinders.

The lightweight and compact engine is built by Honda experience in developing the RC213V MotoGP engine. It enables to give strong power in low-mid torque also in high rev for aggressive riding. Higher engine speed and output, with 11.5:1 compression ratio and adopting a layout for downdraft intake that increase intake efficiency, create endless power that you desired for a joy ride.

The roaring sound of the engine exhaust perfects your excitement by stimulating your hearing senses, from a powerful, torque-transmitting rumble at low-rev to a racer-like howl at mid to-high rev.

The thrill of speed is in your hands as you pull down its Throttle-By-Wire system, the machine rev spontaneously following your desire. This smart technology equipped with 3-Step Riding Modes (Comfort, Sport and Sport+) that allows you to control the excitement conquering the road.

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